Our Commitment To Community


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Agape Chic stands firm on our commitment for women to find community, support and strength in one another.  Part of our mission is to support, advocate for, and direct women to these local agencies and services.

Are You Safe:  Are You Safe volunteers provide legal series to victims of domestic violence by assisting them in the legal process. 
The Spring of Tampa Bay:  The mission of The Spring of Tampa Bay is to prevent domestic violence victim, protect victims and promote change in lives, families and communities.
CASA Community Action Stops Abuse:  CASA's mission is to raise our voices against domestic violence through advocacy, empowerment and social change.
Sunrise of Pasco County:  Sunrise is a full-service domestic violence and sexual assault center providing a safe place for victims to heal and to plan their future.
Choices:  Choices (formerly known as LifeCare of Brandon) is committed to providing compassion, information and support to women, couples and families facing the challenge of an unplanned pregnancy. 
The Women's Resource Center of Tampa:  The Women's Resource Center of Tampa provides resources, education and case management in support of families who are experiencing difficulties.
ECHO (Emergency Care Help Organization):  ECHO provides immediate relief in the forms of food, clothing and household items to those residents of the greater Brandon area that have experienced a recent emergency. 
Reach Out Speak Out:  ROSO's mission is to help women in need of assistance due to domestic violence.  To provide shelter, food, clothing and the necessities of life. 
Alpha House of Tampa:  Alpha House of Tampa offers homeless pregnant women and mothers with young children, safe housing and the tools they need to become self-sufficient and effective responsible parents.
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Suncoast Chapter:  The mission of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) is to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease & myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.
The Angel Foundation: The mission of the Angel Foundation is to partner with businesses and individuals to be a caring resource for families in our community who are experiencing temporary crisis due to a life-threatening illness or catastrophic event. 
Her Lighthouse:  Her Lighthouse is a Christ-centered transformational home whose mission is to glorify God as they rescue, restore and rewrite store of new life and freedom of pregnant sexually exploited survivors and their babies. 


Warning Signs of Domestic Violence

  • Secretive about past relationships

  • Refers to women with negative remarks

  • Was or is abused by a parent

  • Grew up in a home where an adult was abused by another adult

  • Gets very serious with partners very quickly - saying "I love you" very early in the relationship, wanting to move in together or get engaged after only a few months, or pressuring partner for a serious commitment

  • Comes on very strong, is extremely charming and an overly smooth talker

  • Is extremely jealous

  • Isolates partner from support systems - wants partner all to themselves and tries to keep partner from friends, family or outside activities

  • Attempts to control what partner wears, what she/he does and who she/he sees

  • Is abusive toward other people, especially mothers or sisters, if male

  • Blames others for one's own misbehaviors or failures

  • Has unrealistic expectations, like  expecting partner to meet all of one's needs and to be the perfect partner

  • Is overly sensitive - acts "hurt" when not getting one's way, takes offense when others disagree with an opinion, gets very upset at small inconveniences that are just a part of normal life

  • Has ever been cruel to animals

  • Has ever abused children

  • Has ever hit a partner in the past

  • Has ever threatened violence, even if it wasn't a serious threat

  • Calls partner names, puts him/her down or curses at him/her

  • Is extremely moody, and switches quickly from being very nice to exploding in anger

  • If male, believes women are inferior to men and should obey them

  • Applies intimidation by using threatening body language, punching walls or breaking objects

  • Holds partner against his/her will to keep him/her from walking away or leaving the room

The above list is not to be considered all inclusive, meaning that no single abuser will show ALL of these signs.  If you feel you or someone you love is in an abusive situation, please seek help.